Clean Transportation Scavenger Hunt

Our climate impact is directly tied to how we get around. That’s why San Francisco has set the goal for 80 percent of trips to be taken by sustainable modes. Can you find the elements that make up our city’s green transportation system? Join the hunt!

How to Play
1. Search for clues: Use the clues below to identify different forms of clean transportation in San Francisco. You’ll need to answer just just four clues to win.
2. Snap a pic: Take a photo that represents each answer.
3. Share your photos: Post your photos on Twitter or Instagram – make sure to tag #GCASScavengerHunt and @SFCTA to be eligible for prizes.

Here are your clues. Answers may be a transportation mode, hub, or infrastructure.

1. I’m a special lane that helps you navigate the road while using a super-clean bi-pedal mode.
2. I combine foot power with electric power and can travel up to 18 mph.
3. We’ve got rubber tires and we’re connected to overhead wires. Our power comes from S.F.’s Hetch Hechy Water system. and We run on 100 percent renewable energy and only a few other cities use us.
4. I’m the oldest way to get around, and I’m the sole mode of transportation that’s universally affordable.
5. We’re world famous, tourists love us, and we provide transit service to some of San Francisco’s hilliest neighborhoods.
6. I’m a form of mass transit that requires no wheels, cables, or tracks.
7. I’m brand new and have a rooftop park and a bus terminal. In the future I’ll connect you to Caltrain and the High Speed Rail.
8. Looking for VIP treatment? I’m a designated lane that gives thousands of bus riders “red carpet service” for a quicker, smoother ride all hours of the day.
9. I don’t have spiky yellow hair – or get around town on a skateboard – but I do carry 27,000 people per hour under the SF bay at rush hour.
10. I help you get around above and below ground.
11. My nicknames include “slinky,” “wiggle,” “caterpillar,” and “accordion,” and I hold about 50 percent more passengers than my smaller counterparts. but I’m most proud of being part of the largest zero-emission fleet for my type of ride.
12. Red, yellow, green, blue: We came from Boston, Melbourne and Milan to you.

How to Redeem Prizes
The Transportation Authority has partnered with local merchants to offer prizes to scavenger hunt participants.

Here’s how it works: Make sure your Twitter or Instagram account is public. After reviewing your photos, we’ll verify that your photos correctly answer four of the clues. We’ll then send you a digital claim badge via direct message on Twitter or Instagram. Then, show your badge to one of our participating merchants to redeem your prize.

See the list of prizes below the list of clues. Limit one prize per merchant. Prizes must be redeemed by Wednesday, September 19, 2018.

Participating merchants
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The San Francisco County Transportation Authority would like to thank the following sponsors for their support to the Global Climate Action Summit scavenger hunt.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have a public Instagram or Twitter account?
No problem! You can email us your photos at

Can I ask for hints?
Yes, you may ask your friends, search the internet, and ask your Twitter or Instagram followers for hints.

What if I submit a photo that is incorrect?
We’ll let you know, and you can try again by submitting another photo.

What if I take more than four photos?
Super! It only takes four to redeem a prize, but if you want to take more, go for it!

What if I take a photo that includes more than one clue?
Great! Thumbs up for efficiency.

About the Global Climate Action Summit
The Global Climate Action Summit is a worldwide event to bring together people and leaders in taking our ambitions for healthy energy systems, inclusive economic growth, sustainable communities, and transformative climate investments to the next level.

About the San Francisco County Transportation Authority
The San Francisco County Transportation Authority’s mission is to make travel safer, healthier, and easier for all. We plan, fund, and deliver local and regional projects to improve travel choices for residents, commuters, and visitors throughout the city.

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